Improve Your Table Tennis Game

Steps To Improve Your Table Tennis Game

Improve Your Table Tennis Game


You’ve been playing ping-pong for and haven’t improved your game? Well, you’re in luck – I got you it all covered for you. Table tennis (ping-pong) is more than just a recreational game for your party it’s also a sport. Like any other sporting activities, it requires proper training, and practice if you want to improve your game. The more you practice, the more you improve. Table tennis is a good way to stay fit, as it improves your heart rate and your cardiovascular fitness.

And if you’re not actually into the game but you just want to stay fit or lose weight playing table tennis is also the best way to do it, as it also helps burn calories. Table tennis can help you to stay fit.

The key to improving your game is by understanding the proper fundamentals. Skills and strategy are just another bonus.

Note: Table tennis is not just a game of strategy and fitness. If you’re not improving with your game, then this article is actually the FIRST STEP to understand by taking your time to read and absorb every advice to help you faster in improving your game — you will certainly love the game.

Keep Going and Enjoy the Five Steps to Improve Your Game:

Step 1: The Position

Learning the standard ready position in playing the ping-pong is one of the keys. Keep your knees slightly bent, lean your torso forward at the waist and your racket hand, held it forward while bending your elbow. If you’re right-handed, you should practice placing your right foot slightly farther back than your left foot, and if you’re left-handed of course, you should do the opposite.

Step 2: The Footwork

Practice the proper footwork, which will help you to find you more balanced and consistent shots. Move your body in the same motion as your arm as it repeats as much as possible every time you strike the ball. The way you can practice good footwork first by placing your weight on the balls of your feet. Moving quickly is one of the keys in perfecting a right footing as it helps you to make sure of the ball’s path rather than guessing. Jumping and ducking as much as you move is a bad idea, as it also wastes energy and time. Stay balanced and make sure you don’t forget to set up your every movement before each shot.

Step 3: Basic Forehand and Backhand

Understanding the basic principles of a forehand and a backhand by using an upward movement to hit the ball. On both backhands and forehands, the paddle ought to be kept at an edge about opposite the table, inclining forward marginally. Begin your swing beneath the ball and complete your stroke over the ball’s way. As you contact the ball, the paddle’s upward movement will bestow topspin on the ball, bringing about a great and incredible shot. Utilize smooth strokes forgoing jerky wrist motions–over bunches of redundancy, while additionally honing the change amongst forehands and strikes. On the other hand, your wrist should turn over so that it will help your forehands palm faces the table and backhands palm faces into your body. You should try practicing this with group table tennis game in order to improve everything.

STEP 4: The Right Equipment

Choosing the right equipment that matches your skill sets is a perfect way to go in improving your game. You will clearly see the big differences when you have played repeatedly between various racket or paddle types. You can have your rackets customized or pre-assembled, it’s up to you, either way, both can function as offensive, defensive or all-around rackets. But keep in mind that offensive rackets as the most favorable to use, as it is fast, and can give you powerful shots, defensive rackets, on the other hand, can give you spin and balanced control, while all-around rackets can do both. Consulting a good coach as to what type of ping-pong equipment is best suited for your skills. Highly recommended are Joola or Adidas.

Step 5: Compete With Tournaments

When you find an opportunity to enter any kind of tournament don’t hesitate to join, as it is an excellent way to evaluate if you’re improving since it will give you the chance to play with different types of SKILLED opponents. Learning different ways are of course helpful to improve, but in order to succeed in the sports table tennis, you have to plan and certainly implement in order to win against skillful opponents or adversary. Keep in mind that every opponent you will play against with are as much as different as you are, in other words, approach every table tennis match seriously like it is a chess match.