How to Play Ping Pong: The Quick and Easy Guide

play ping pong

Having an interest in Ping-Pong but don’t know how to start? Well, here’s a quick guide to help you raise your game to a new level.
The Quick and Easy Guide to dominate the sport without breaking a sweat:

1. Mastering The Footwork Is One Of The Keys

Footwork is arguably the most important aspect not just in the game of ping-pong but mostly in any sports activity. You may say or think that you are doing great if you are able to beat your opponents without having to move too much, but when a skillful player is going to be your opponent, you will not stand any chance.

Moving your body is the key as it will place yourself in the best position to hit the ball and help you to get it in the direction you desire. Standing still might twist your arm in weird positions which will result in a bad shot and miss all the possible shots and the altogether — ending up losing.

2. The Low Returns -Go And Aim For It

It’s a general rule that the lower the ball is in relation to the net, the harder to counter it even with any type of moves that your opponent can think.

Here’s another thing, you should also try to go for the farther possible point at the edge of the other side of the table so that your opponent will have a hard time hitting it. In doing this, it will force your opponent to step back and not have a chance to hit the ball or have any kind of reflexes to do so, giving you the upper hand to win the match.

3. Serving The Right Way

Serves are one of the important parts of ping-pong. You should take this as a consideration and use it as a tactic to gain momentum and edge against your opponent — it’s a key to winning! If you are able to do an excellent serve, then you’ve already won the match. The are many ways you can serve, and you have to study them to get the upper hand over your opponent.

One example is the “short serves,” and perhaps one of the best techniques because it makes it very hard for your opponent and it will you to take the advantage. Understand as well that you will have to keep your wrists relaxed if you want to move your hand/s faster at every stroke. Mix all the serve techniques you will learn and apply them as it will keep your opponent guessing.

4. Trickery Is Your Best Buddy

Do not try to always serve with as much spin technique as possible, in that way you will have your adversary guessing — fake it as your opponent will prepare for the move and position himself without even realizing it’s all part of the trick.

Try doing this for the backspin serve, as you swing your paddle normally and making contact with the ball at the base of your racket, closer to your hand. In this way, your adversary will expect that it’s a heavy hit backspin and without realizing it the ball will return high over the net, an easy way to score and probably a chance to win the match.

5. Use Your Whole Body In Hitting The Ball

Hitting the ball with just your arm is not advisable when performing a forehand stroke. In order to maximize the output, especially the power, you will want to use your whole upper body and rotate it while lowering a bit on the side with your paddle (or vice versa if you’re left-handed). This is also advisable for some sports activity like in boxing, a similar approach that coaches give to their boxers.
Hitting the ball from the hips, it will give it a tremendous force, giving you powerful shots.

6. Stay Cool And Always Have Patient (The Most Important One)

Just like any other sports ping-pong is as much as psychological as it is physical. When you are a beginner, you tend to have this habit of trying to hit the ball as much as you possibly can each time comes to your end. Well, that can affect the way you play, and you’ll lose your temper when everytime you smash the ball and the possibility of not hitting it. You should always be patient when playing the game. Waiting and staying cool will give you advantages.

Never lose the temper, mistakes even if you make it in a row can be used as an advantage as well because you are actually learning. You just have to take a deep breath, envision yourself that you can win the game, encourage yourself, visualize what needs improvement in your tactics. Always think about your strategy and implementing them. Stay cool so you can have a healthy mindset during a game.